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Water Bill Comparison by Meter Size, Class and County

You may use the following program to see a comparison of bills for utilities in the class or county you specify, based on the meter section chosen.

  • Class AB (4,000 or more customers); Class C (between 4,000 and 1,000 customers); Class D (1,000 or less customers)
  • The selection of a county refers to the area in which utilities provide service.
  • Small Meter Section (Residential and Small Commercial Services); Large Meter Section (Large Commercial and Industrial)
  • Amounts refer to the quantity of water consumed in a quarter. The default values shown are the amounts the PSC typically uses for bill comparisons.
  • There are approximatly 7.5 gallons in a cubic foot of water.
Specify utility:
Specify Meter Type, Meter Size, Class \ County and then
enter the water amounts in either Gallons or Cubic Feet.

Select Meter Type:

Select Meter Size:

Select Class \ County:


  Gallons Cubic Feet
1st Amount
2nd Amount
3rd Amount
4th Amount
5th Amount
* Whole numbers only