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Annual Reports : Investor Owned Utilities
Can't Find Utility?
American Transmission Company LLC (137) Pioneer Power And Light Company (4660)
City Gas Company (1140) St Croix Valley Natural Gas Company Inc (5230)
Consolidated Water Power Company (1330) Superior Water Light And Power Company (5820)
Dahlberg Light And Power Company (1510) Westfield Milling & Electric Light Company (6410)
Madison Gas And Electric Company (3270) Wisconsin Electric Power Company (6630)
Midwest Natural Gas Incorporated (3670) Wisconsin Fuel And Light Company (6640)
North Central Power Company Inc (4190) Wisconsin Gas LLC (6650)
Northern States Power Company (WIS) (4220) Wisconsin Power And Light Company (6680)
Northwestern Wisconsin Electric Co (4280) Wisconsin Public Service Corporation (6690)

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