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Simplified Rate Case (SRC) Application

The Simplified Rate Case (SRC) is a simple and convenient means for municipal utilities to increase water and sewer rates. This is an inflationary type increase that helps utilities maintain rate continuity so that customers benefit from smaller, more frequent rate increases. The SRC process includes a SRC application and a notice to customers, but does not require a public hearing. This process is further explained in the instructions below. If you have any questions about the SRC process, please call (608) 266-3766 or email: PSCWaterAppMail@wisconsin.gov.

To review the current rate increase factor and overall rate of return order, click the following link. (PSC ERF#: 359630)

More Instructions

Please note that the application is not filed, and thus rates cannot be implemented, until the utility uploads the PDF application to the PSC’s Electronic Records Filing (ERF) System and the PSC issues a final decision.

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Date Application will be Filed with the PSC:  (MM/dd/yy)
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