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Case Management System (CMS)
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Search Tips
  • After inputting your search criteria, click on Search.
  • To clear the search criteria previously input, click Clear; this will erase the previous search data.
  • There are numerous search options available including Docket ID,
  • A docket is comprised of three parts: the utility id, case type, and sequence number.
  • Use Utility Name when looking for cases initiated by a specific utility.
  • Search the docket title field is wildcard searchable; the inquiry doesn't need to be an exact match of our information.

* GF Dockets: Dockets containing GF in the docket number are not considered formal PSC cases -- the GF designation is used for our general files. Requests for normal docket business (e.g., requests for full party status or requests for copies of applications) should not be made for GF cases.
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