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Docket ID:9300-WF-2023
(Required Notices and Filings under Wis. Admin. Code ch. PSC 128 Related to Wind Siting for CY 2023)
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Download PSC Ref Description Document Type Docket or Utility Received Date Filed By Details
481148 View/Download File Incomplete Pre-Application REF # 480525 (85 KB) Correspondence 9300-WF-2023 10/03/2023 01:37:00 PM Ben Hoffman uploaded detail
480525 View/Download File Uplands Wind LLC 180 Day CPCN Pre-Application Notice (1,466 KB) Correspondence 9300-WF-2023 09/27/2023 09:29:00 AM Lisa M. Agrimonti uploaded detail
476152 View/Download File Appeal Grant County CUP - Whitetail Wind Project (371 KB) Correspondence 9300-WF-2023 08/22/2023 10:18:00 PM Richard Zemlicka uploaded detail
475415 View/Download File Grant Co Approval of CUP - Whitetail Wind Project (488 KB) Correspondence 9300-WF-2023 08/16/2023 10:02:00 AM Kathleen Endres uploaded detail
475391 View/Download File MEMORANDUM ON UPLANDS WIND PROJECT PRE-APPLICATION NOTICE (75 KB) Correspondence 9300-WF-2023 08/16/2023 01:30:00 AM Chris Klopp uploaded detail
475278 View/Download File Amdended Ltr re Pattern Energy 180 Notice Compliance REF# 475068 (76 KB) Correspondence 9300-WF-2023 08/14/2023 04:02:00 PM Dena M Kurt uploaded detail
475277 View/Download File Incomplete map in REF#475068 document (30 KB) Comments 9300-WF-2023 08/14/2023 03:43:00 PM Richard Zemlicka uploaded detail
475272 View/Download File Letter Regarding Pattern 180 Notice (78 KB) Correspondence 9300-WF-2023 08/14/2023 02:34:00 PM Dena M Kurt uploaded detail
475068 View/Download File 180 Day Notice to file CPCN (2,380 KB) Correspondence 9300-WF-2023 08/11/2023 09:56:00 AM Michael Goff uploaded detail