Public Service Commission of Wisconsin (PSC)
Submitted: 6/21/2021 3:30:44 PM
Application of Wisconsin Power and Light Company for a Certificate of Authority for Acquisition, Construction, Installation, and Operation of Second Set of Six Solar Electric Generation Facilities in Wisconsin
Public Comment Open Period:
05/24/2021 - 06/21/2021
Commentor Information:
Name: Elaine J Wedell
Address: W9297 State Road 21
City: Wautoma   State:WI   Zip:54982
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To whom it may concern:

The property I currently own with my two sons will be bordered on two sides and potentially on the third by the Alliant Energy Solar Project. Said adjacent residence and farm properties are located at W9297 and W9209 State Road 21, Town of Dakota in Waushara County. One of my properties contain wetlands and there is adjacent wetland acreage which will be affected by this proposed project.

This project is in close proximity to my residence and some of my concerns include possible glare, noise and heat/temperature changes. I am also concerned with possible electromagnetic radiation, toxins and pollution of well water from damaged panels as a result of fire or other catastrophic equipment failures.

Property values may be effect with changes or alterations of the landscape. This will infringe on the quality of enjoyment from residing in rural Waushara County for the majority of our lives. I am not will to accept, nor do I desire any changes to be made to the existing tree lines/wind breaks between properties which also provide needed erosion control. In addition, loss of large agricultural acreages which may not be reclaimed or reverted back to productive agriculture land is greatly concerning.

This project may be environmentally detrimental to my wetlands and the surrounding wetlands by impeding the naturally established access routes of the wildlife in the area from their food sources to their areas of refuge and other habitat areas. The perimeter fence, which is provided in the proposal will significantly stop or limited the natural movement of wildlife and cause it to seek alternative routes across busy vehicle traffic areas in order to locate other food sources. This project may also endanger or cause harm to migratory species of birds flying over the proposed facilities.

Thank you for the consideration of my concerns on this matter!


Elaine J Wedell - W9297 State Rd 21, Wautoma, Wisconsin

I affirm that these comments are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.

NOTE: This comment identifies issues and concerns that should be addressed in the Environmental Assessment (EA) or Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) prepared by Commission staff.

Elaine J Wedell