Public Service Commission of Wisconsin (PSC)
Submitted: 10/12/2022 1:13:56 PM
Verified Petition of Vote Solar of Distributed Energy Resource Systems in Wisconsin
Public Comment Open Period:
09/26/2022 - 11/09/2022
Commentor Information:
Name: Carol Johnson
Address: 2261 270th Street
City: Deer Park   State:WI   Zip:54007
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Comment Detail:

I would like to express my support for the PSC to affirm the legality of a tax-financed solar systems installed on any Wisconsin properties.

I live in rural Wisconsin and am a customer of a Rural Electric Cooperative. When it comes to renewable energy projects, they not only don't incentivize renewable energy installations they discourage it. Even with the new federal incentives it's very difficult for most people to put in a system, especially in the rural area. The up front costs are still out of reach of many people and having to wait for a tax refund to help pay off any bank financing means the cost of a loan is perhaps also out of reach for many people.

Without supporting ALL financing options to make the investment in a renewable energy system, several people - especially lower income - will likely never be able to have the benefits of a renewable energy system.

My husband and I are retired and installed a grid-tied pv solar system in 2010. We could afford to get a loan and for us, it was an investment to help in stabilizing our expenses in our retirement years. It has done that in more ways than we expected. Even though our REC tries very hard to not credit our solar production for what it is worth, our system is still well worth the investment and we'd do it all over again. We also drive a plugin EV (Chevy Volt). The solar system recharges our battery and we avoid the high gasoline prices and maintenance costs. However you can help the most vulnerable people to afford a renewable energy investment will be a great benefit to them, their community, and our state.

Please approve the third party financing for renewable energy systems.

Thank you!
Carol Johnson

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Carol Johnson