Public Service Commission of Wisconsin (PSC)
Submitted: 10/27/2022 4:38:15 PM
Verified Petition of Vote Solar of Distributed Energy Resource Systems in Wisconsin
Public Comment Open Period:
09/26/2022 - 11/09/2022
Commentor Information:
Name: Russel Gilberg
Address: 1231 Industrial St
City: Hudson   State:WI   Zip:54016
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I am the President of Energy Concepts LLC, a licensed installer of solar energy systems based in Hudson, WI. Energy Concepts takes offense at the testimony of Alex Tetzlaff on behalf of the International Union of Operating Engineers. I strongly disagree with Mr. Tetzlaff`s testimony that rooftop solar installers lack training, are temporary workers, and pose a safety risk to the public. His own testimony shows that he has no experience in the solar industry and he provides no basis for his negative view of rooftop solar installers` abilities. In contrast to Mr. Tetzlaff`s dim view of the rooftop solar industry, I have a degree in electrical engineering from the University of Minnesota, am certified as a professional engineer in Minnesota, am credentialed as a master electrician in Wisconsin and Minnesota. I oversee Energy Concepts` solar installations and take pride in my work. Our team delivers quality projects to our customers and Mr. Tetzlaff`s testimony is insulting to our team`s work. The Wisconsin Public Service Commission should ignore Mr. Tetzlaff`s biased and offensive testimony.

Furthermore the consideration of this docket is for 3rd party ownership of renewable energy systems and not the qualifications of the trade personnel installing such systems. Solar electric systems are currently being installed all thru-out Wisconsin by installers that Mr. Tetzlaff has deemed unskilled. Third party ownership would enable low and middle class families as well as non-profit organizations the opportunity to install and utilize renewable energy on their properties without significant up-front costs. Third party ownership will make solar electric systems much more accessible to all which in turn will attract companies both locally and out-of-state, eager to offer their services. Since all contractors operating in Wisconsin must meet proper licensing requirements and pull permit for these projects I see the approval of this docket as an economic boon for the people of Wisconsin.

Thank you,
Russel Gilberg, P.E.

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Russel Gilberg