Public Service Commission of Wisconsin (PSC)
Submitted: 3/3/2023 9:55:11 PM
Application for a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity of High Noon Solar Energy LLC to Construct a Solar Electric Generation Facility in the Town of Leeds, Town of Lowville, Town of Arlington, and Town of Hampden, Columbia County, Wisconsin
Public Comment Open Period:
01/31/2023 - 03/03/2023
Commentor Information:
Name: Jeff Fiess
Address: W6150 State Road 60
City: Arlington   State:WI   Zip:53911
As a resident and taxpayer of Columbia county, we (my wife and I) are concerned that the county and township could lose a significant amount of tax revenue if this project is approved. This is just one of our many concerns. We are both hunter safety instructors and are also concerned about the impact to the wildlife, especially the wetlands that are located just north of us. We also feel that Invenergy has not been honest with the landowners about their contracts. It appears that it is highly probable that these landowners could lose their property through eminent domain or adverse possession without them ( the landowner) being aware of this possibility! I have nothing against solar being used individually, or in areas where the land is not good for farming, but we cannot agree to having these solar farms destroying some of the best farmland in the entire country. Solar is also not a replacement for conventional coal burning power plants or nuclear power plants. There is no scenerio where solar and wind can supply enough power that is needed for our electrical grid. There are so many negatives to this project and very few, if any positives. We are asking this project not be allowed to move forward.

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Jeff Fiess