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Electric Residential Monthly Bill Comparison

If you have any question or comments about the application or contents of the information displayed by this application, please e-mail PSCDLDERAPCAC@wisconsin.gov.

Select Report View or Chart View

Report Report View
Provides a tabular listing that shows the total electric bill(s) for one utility or multiple utilities (no limit on the number of utilities). A specific month or multiple months can be selected. The table shows the actual rates that comprise the billing: customer charge, energy charge and either the Power Cost Adjustment Clause (PCAC) or Fuel Adjustment Clause (FAC)  plus a total dollar amount billed for each month. The table also provides a calculated average of each rate component as well as the total bill for the time-period shown for each selected utility.

Chart Chart View
Provides a bar chart showing the total electric bill(s) for one utility or side-by-side for multiple utilities (maximum of 10 at a time), for a specific month or a specific 12-month period, plus a tabular listing. The table shows a summary of the total dollar amount billed broken down into the customer charge, energy charge and either the PCAC or FAC. If you select the 12-month period option the table lists an average for that period without any monthly detail.