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TEPP Equipment Vendors

This is a partial listing of vendors who sell telecommunication products you can purchase with TEPP/TAP vouchers.  This list is an informational listing of commonly used vendors for those who do not know where they can obtain equipment.  It is not intended as an exclusive referral list. You may be aware of other vendors.  For more information, contact the vendors directly. (Last updated July 2004)

Vendors: Any requests for corrections you would like made on your listing should be sent to jeff.richter@wisconsin.gov
Lists for the following types of vendors are available:
Wisconsin Vendors with Demonstration Equipment & Some Stock Available
Wisconsin Vendors that Can Provide in Home Assistance to Clients
Wisconsin Vendors that Provide Consultation and Order the Equipment
Wisconsin Vendors that Specialize in Equipment for the Mobility Impaired
Mail Order Vendors
Wisconsin Vendors that Specialize in Equipment for Deaf-Blind & Deaf-Low Vision Consumers